PvP Restoration Shaman Build (Cataclysm 4.0.6)




  • Prime: Riptide, Water Shied, Earth Shield
  • Major: Stoneclaw Totem (must-have), Healing Wave, Hex (Arena) or Chain Heal (BG)
  • Minor: Water walking and Water breathing (additional free buffs for dispelling), Renewed Life 



  • Head:  65 Int/35 Res (PvP Enchant)
  • Shoulders: 50 Int/25 Res (PvP Enchant) or 130 Int/25 Haste (Inscription)
  • Back: Intellect
  • Chest: Stats or Resilience
  • Wrist: Might Intellect or Draconic Embossment (Leatherworking)
  • Weapon: Power Torrent
  • Shield: Superior Intellect
  • Hands: Mastery
  • Waist: Ebonsteel Belt Buckle (another gem slot)
  • Legs: Powerful Enchanted Spellthread
  • Feet: Lavawalker or Mastery (if you got 15% movement from talents)


Reforging on resto shaman is very much about how you are geared. On low level gear the advice is to reforge to Spirit while for medium to high level gear you should switch on Crit or Mastery depending on your playstyle.


Restoration: Head, Shoulders, Chest

Elemental: Legs, Hands