Solo Top Yorick Style





  • Quints: 3 x +2,25 Attack Damage
  • Marks: 9 x 0,95 Attack Damage
  • Seals: 9 x 1,41 Armor
  • Glyphs: 9 x 1,34 Magic Resist


Skill Sequence:


Start with     boots-of-speed and 3 x  health-potion.

The main thing you want to have on your first trip back is tear-of-the-goddess that will become then a manamune.

I always build up a spirit-visage because it scale so well with the (Omen of Famine).

Next item is phage that becomes a trinity-forceas soon as possible. When you finished the Trinity Force your core build is done. You should then go for situational items like:

warmogs-armor  sunfire-cape  guardian-angel  for some godmode 🙂


or if you feel confident you may go for the-bloodthirster    maw-of-malmortius .